management is very experienced with lists and mailing. I started with direct mail lists at the beginning of the ZIP code.

Exporting your customer list and importing changes back into it can be a scary or threatening experience until you are used to it. Here at we will make your list updating process smooth and easy.

My first direct marketing position was list and data processing manager for a 3 million name co-op mailing in New York. Direct mail (as direct marketing was known then) was not yet taught as a formal discipline. I was one of the first members of legendary Nat Ross’s informal group called the DMIX (Direct Marketing Idea Exchange), the predecessor to the NYU direct marketing program. This program was the first educational program focused on direct marketing as we know it today.

Later I joined an upstate New York catalog company and for 3 years produced 10 catalogs annually and hundreds of solo mailings. Later in my career at The Franklin Mint as a Marketing Director one of my programs was the first to rent outside mailing lists.

Since then, as a consultant, I have seen just about everything there is in mailing list operations from managing customer databases to data hygiene to appending email addresses, phone numbers and demographic data.

We are here to help you with NCOA or any list issues. Just call me at (386) 507-9944.

Steve Stuart