The National Change of Address database is maintained the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is one of the primary methods to find the addresses of people or businesses on your list that have moved. The database is compiled by change address forms filled out when people or businesses move. It gives their new address for the Postal Service to forward mail.

The USPS licenses 12 primary vendors to access the information through the NCOALink system to access the NCOA database of people and businesses that have moved.  These non-exclusive licenses cost $203,000 annually for full-service providers, typically national publishers and big data companies. Smaller operations like NCOA-EASY.COM sub-license (at wholesale costs) the data from one of the big data companies. NCOALink is the USPS connection all providers (including NCOA-EASY.COM) use to access the data.

The data from NCOALink is complicated because there are dozens of possible reasons why the mail address you provide might not be perfect. So, the processing report is complicated with possibilities for addresses that “may be deliverable”, “possibly is deliverable”, “one element is questionable”, etc. So, reading the reports can be very complicated.

The difference between NCOA-EASY.COM and other providers is simple:

  1. We go to great lengths to make the NCOA updating process easier for our customers. If there is any question that your data will not process well, we contact you for permission to change the data so it will process.
  2. The reports you receive from us are specially designed and structured to be simple and easy to understand.
  3. The data we send you is structured and focused so it is easy to use.

    For customers that need regular updating we provide full “managed service” so you do not worry about exporting records out and importing changes back in to your database. Customers that need to stay in NCOA compliance to get postage at discounted rates must process within 90 days of mail date. So managing this becomes easy with NCOA-EASY when we export your list, process and import changes on a regular schedule

Yet our pricing is competitive.