USPS Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

The USPS requires that each list owner using the NCOA Link process to identify movers on the USPS database complete a PAF. The PAF process is now electronic. After you complete this web PAF application startup, you will receive an email to confirm the information as correct. This will then be submitted for electronic approval. You will also receive an information electronic package with a copy of the paper form and more information about the PAF and Licensed NCOA Link Service Providers.

The PAF is valid for 12 months after approval.

The NAICS number section in the PAF application below is mandatory. Before you complete the form, please lookup the NAICS number for your type of business. The USPS Mailer ID number is optional. (This is for large volume mailers and they will know their number.)


Please go to the webpage link below to find your NAICS number. This NAICS page looks like form below.

Place a one word description of your business in the top box. This will bring up a list of the possible close matches. Use the number of the closest match in the NAICS number box on the PAF application.

If you cannot find the right NAICS description, place 000000 (six zeros) in the field and we will help you.

 Click this link to look up your NAICS number.



PAF Request