NCOA-EASY.COM updates your mailing list

with the US Postal Service NCOA Database

We specialize in providing:

Clear, Easy-to-Use Reports

Assistance in Exporting and Importing records

Competitive Pricing

NCOA processing lets you pay the lowest postage rates possible! You qualify for “automation rates” and other discounts.

Using the NCOA database helps you save on paper, printing, postage from sending mail to undeliverable addresses.

Twenty million people move every year. Many times valuable customers and prospects forget to tell you they moved. Regular NCOALink processing helps retain customers to keep sales flowing in.

Complete NCOA Processing in a few Easy Steps!

First, decide whether you want to match your records against the Full 48-Month NCOA database or the Economy 18-Month database, which saves a little cost. We recommend processing with the 18-month database on a regular basis before you do mailings. See the details of differences on the NCOA Overview Page. Check costs on either in various quantities on the price table below to finalize your decision.

Second, start your Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF). This form is required by the USPS to be completed, approved and on file before any processing starts.It can take up to 24 hours to have the form approved. The PAF application is at PAF Start Up page. 

Third, below the price table, start your order by selecting either Full 48-Month Processing or Economy 18-Month Processing. This will take you to the order form and shop cart.

Fourth, after your order is paid, upload your list on the List Upload page.

NCOA Pricing for 50,001 to 2,000,000 records
(Less than 50,001 pay the same rate as 50,001
The USPS minimum is 200 records)

Number of RecordsFull 48-Month ProcessingEconomy 18-Month Processing
Cost Per ThousandExample: Number X CPMCost Per ThousandExample: Number X CPM
50,001 to 75,000$3.25 65,400 = 65M = $211.25$2.75 65,400 = 65M = $178.75
75,001 to 150,000$2.90 125,800 = 125M = $362.50$2.50 125,650 = 125M = $312.50
151,000 to 500,000$2.60 375,335 = 375M = $975.00$2.00 375,450 = 375M =$750
500,001 to 1,000,000$2.25 650,788 = 650M = $1,462.50$1.80 650,675 = 650M =$1,170
1,000,0001 and higher$2.00 1,300,900 = 1300M = $2,600$1.60 1,300,400 = 1300M = $2,080
Ordering quantity is thousands (M's) rounded down to nearest M. ( E.g., 95,800 = 95M)