Prices and Ordering

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The cost for NCOA processing a list from 200 to 27,000 records is a flat charge of $45.

For lists greater that 27,000, the cost depends on quantity as follows:

  • From 27,001 to 75,000, the charge is $0.00165 per record processed.
  • From 75,001 to 300,000, the charge is $0.00145 per record processed.
  • From 300,001 to 2,000,000, the charge is $0.00135 per record processed.
  • For lists greater than 2,000,000 please contact us.

An optional service you should consider is DUPE-CHECK. After your list is standardized and processed through NCOA, the records are in an ideal state to identify duplicates. DUPE-CHECK uses special algorithms to identify duplicates, especially those that are hard to find.

  • Consumer lists are processed twice, so your receive two reports.
    • The first process is by person: first name, last name, address and zip. This finds matches like Michael Johnson, Mike Johnson and M. Johnson.
    • The second process is by household: last name, address and zip. This finds matches like husband and wife: Barry Miller and Brenda Miller. Many companies consolidate these types of dupes in one record (Barry / Brenda Miller) to save postage and sharpen list selection targeting.
  • Business lists are compared on the basis of company name, address and zip. You receive only one report. Please note individual people names are not compared on this report. Also USPS NCOA service only applies to Companies, not people inside companies.
  • The charge for DUPE-CHECK is a flat $75.

After you fill in the quantity and optionally checkoff DUPE CHECK or not, you will go to the cart to complete your order and credit card payment. After the order charge is accepted, your browser will be directed to the file upload page.

When you order, this triggers an email with your Postal Acknowledgement Form to approve. The Postal Service requires this form be Approved by you before processing can be completed.