NCOA-EASY pricing is simple.

Our standard NCOALink Move Update processing is for 18-month of change of-address information as the most practical and economical method. (We provide 48-month of change-of-address information and many other options on special order.) It has been our experience that very few moves fall outside the 18 month period, especially if you are processing regularly.

Choose from two methods of updating: same cost per record for both

Method 1 is Self-Service: you upload records and make corrections in your system.

Method 2 is Turn-Key managed service.

The cost of processing records is the same for both.

We charge a flat $45.00 for 200 to 27,000 records.

From 27,001 to 75,000, the charge is $1.65 per 1000 records processed. From 75,001 to 300,000, the charge is $1.45 per 1000 records. From 300,001 to 2,000,000, the charge is $1.35 per 1000 records.

Included in the service is standardizing all address names, spellings and directionals to the official USPS nomenclature, identifying move updates, identifying undeliverable address, and providing CASS/NCOA Certificates of processing.

Duplicate record identification is available at an extra charge of $75.00. Duplicates are processed twice: once to identify based on person (first and last name at the same address) and once on family (same last name at the same address.) This option is an add-on to NCOA processing.

The basic NCOA charges are as follows for various quantities

Quantity              Charges

10,000                   $45.00

30,000                   $49.50

75,000                   $123.75

125,000                 $181.25

350,000                $472.50

Charges per thousand are the same for either processing option: You Process or Turn-Key. Turn-Key Processing  has extra charges for setup and processing depending on your system and net complexity.



  • Clear, easy-to-use reports
  • Assistance in Exporting and Importing records
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Duplicate Record Identification Available as an option
  • Connect to the NCOALink and get help in every way possible. Just ask!